In 1890, Peleg E. Francis hitched his horse to a wagon and drove to Swansea to buy clams dug from the shores of Cole’s River. His first clambake, for the Goff Gathering, was such a hit that groups from all over started coming out to Francis Farm to enjoy the great food and spend time together. To this day, the Goff Gathering still has its outings at Francis Farm.

The Farm has been renovated in recent years however, it still retains that rustic look, charm and recipes of yesteryear.   The Farm still serves up Peleg Francis’ Original Clam Chowder recipe!bake

Ken Foley Sr.Ken Foley, whose grandfather Frank Miller and uncle George Taylor took over Francis Farm in 1958 when he was a boy.

There are times it seems that everyone Mr. Foley meets either worked at Francis Farm or has been to an event there.  “No matter who you talk to in town, people  have fond memories of the place,” he said.
“No matter what we do, we will keep that old country charm.”

THE FOLEY FAMILY Ken Jr, Ken Sr, Kevin, Keith and Linda
The Foley Family:  Ken Jr, Ken Sr, Kevin, Keith and Linda

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