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| (1951). | Felix Aylmer, | Martine Beswick, Jill Bennett, 81 min Director: | Brenda Bruce, AllMovie called this film an "effective little chiller that packs a surprising punch for a film of its age. Peter van Eyck, "PLOT - Janet is a young student at a private school; her nights are troubled by horrible dreams in which she sees her mother, who is in fact locked in an insane asylum, haunting her. Peter Cushing, Seth Holt Stars: Hammer Horror film series (1958–1974) The original series of films consisted of nine installments, which starred iconic horror actors Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing as Count Dracula and Doctor Van Helsing respectively. The film was adapted into a 13-page comic strip for the October 1977 issue of the magazine House of Hammer.PLOT - Young workers are dying because of a mysterious epidemic in a little village in Cornwall. Terence Fisher The Mummy (1959) 2. Horror. It was their first foray into the Horror/Thriller genre. Horror. As a child Leon becomes a werewolf after having been taken hunting. Director: John Gilling | Ronald Lewis, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Janet is a young student at a private school; her nights are troubled by horrible dreams in which she sees her mother, who is in fact locked in an insane asylum, haunting her. Cast were the real-life twins and former Playboy Playmates Mary and Madeleine Collinson (Gellhorn Twins).PLOT - In nineteenth century middle-Europe, orphaned teenage twins Maria and Frieda go to live with their uncle Gustav Weil, who heads the Brotherhood, a vigilante group trying to stamp out vampirism. Robert Morris, German-born model turned actress Susan Denberg, who plays the woman brought back to life, was the August 1966 Playboy centerfold - issued seven months before the release of this movie. A complete list of every film that was made by Hammer Film Productions. | Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) 3. Meanwhile, Abby's father is a wanted serial-killer who drains the blood of his victims to supply Abby, who is actually an ancient vampire. Soon Joan finds that the children are cold as if they were dead. Ironically Rank called it Hammer's best film in a decade.PLOT - A village in Nineteenth Century Europe is at first relieved when a circus breaks through the quarantine to take the local's minds off the plague. 84 min Niall MacGinnis, A thought provoking and deeply disturbing film. He's been publicly ridiculed for his theories but he presses on. 82 min Mystery, Thriller. Mary Collinson, Crime, Horror, Mystery. Late people seem to live suddenly. 84 min It is based on a novel of the same name by Evelyn Piper. | Jennie Linden, | Christopher Lee, | | | Sandor Elès, In The Curse of Frankenstein (1957), Hammer were barred from copying any details from the Universal films of the 30s and '40s, including the famous monster make-up. All films are produced by Hammer Film Productions 1935 - Present and listed Horror or Thriller. He decides to exact his revenge on Allen and Kitty.TRAILER -, Not Rated This is the eighth film in Hammer's Dracula series, and the seventh and final one to feature Christopher Lee as Dracula and the fourth one with Peter Cushing as Van Helsing. Stars: Terence Fisher Christopher Lee, | Director: Having escaped execution and assumed an alias, Baron Frankenstein transplants his deformed underling's brain into a perfect body, but the effectiveness of the process and the secret of his identity soon begin to unravel. | Director: As a young man, he works in a wine cellar and falls in love with the owner's daughter Cristina. | Terence Fisher It is the fourth film in Hammer's Frankenstein series.PLOT - A dead and frozen Baron Frankenstein is re-animated by his colleague Dr. Hertz proving to him that the soul does not leave the body on the instant of death. Peter Cushing, Top 10 Hammer Horror FilmsSubscribe: really don’t make them like this anymore. Menu. Join here. Stars: English punk/Gothic band, The Damned took their name from this film.PLOT - The middle-aged American Simon Wells sails in his boat to Weymouth and stumbles with the twenty year-old Joan on the street. In 1958, the Daily Telegraph was so horrified by what they saw onscreen that they suggested the BBFC create a special new category for the film - "For Sadists Only".PLOT - Having escaped death by the guillotine, Dr. Frankenstein relocates to Carlsbruck. A list of 172 films compiled on Letterboxd, including The Public Life of Henry the Ninth (1935), The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (1935), Song of Freedom (1936), Sporting Love (1936) and Death in High Heels (1947). Director: After her mother's death, the wheelchair-bound Penny accepted her father's invitation to live with him. The local village priest however accidentally reawakens the frozen Dracula who seeks his revenge on Monsignor Mueller, specifically targeting his niece Maria.TRAILER -, PG 83 min Stars: About this list: Feature narrative films in the Hammer Film Productions Ltd. canon, including all the famous 'Hammer Horror' films, which do constitute a kind of franchise. Mandy Miller, Ralph Bates, An American tourist, a youth gang leader, and his troubled sister find themselves trapped in a top secret government facility experimenting on children. Barbara Shelley, The film is regarded as bold and uncompromising for its time in the way in which it handles the subject matter. | | | | Stars: The Halloween season is ideal for bringing us back to those years from about 1958 until the early 70s, when Hammer—previously a somewhat down-on-its-luck film studio, hit upon the winning formula of revived horror classics with a fresh, Technicolor hue, liberally doused in blood and gore. The series of films is part of the larger Hammer Horror series. | Thorley Walters, | | Thorley Walters, | 80 min The baron's obsession and the monster's homicidal nature cause the deaths of several of those around them. Frankenstein has resumed his experiments and is on the verge of re-animating a body he has constructed using the brain of Fritz, the deformed assistant who helped him escape from his death sentence.TRAILER -, PG-13 Christopher Lee, Terence Fisher Dracula is resurrected, preying on four unsuspecting visitors to his castle. Roy Ward Baker Abby advises Owen to fight Kenny; however, soon he discovers that she is a vampire, and he feels fear and love for the girl. There's just something not quite right when Bette Davis stars as an English nanny. List Price $34.93 USD. Director: | | Christopher Lee, Three years later back in England a follower of the same Egyptian religion unleashes the mummy to exact grisly revenge on the despoilers of the sacred past.TRAILER -, Unrated Cyril Frankel Brian Cox, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Robert Urquhart, Sci-Fi, Horror. $0.20M, This is the third of three Hammer adaptations of Robert Louis Stevenson's novella "Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde". These are the known, theatrically released, feature-length films produced or co-produced by Hammer Studios. About this list: Cloned and updated. These episodes recur. Joseph Losey In eighteenth-century Spain, an adopted boy becomes a werewolf and terrorizes the inhabitants of his town. David Kossoff, In contrast to other film versions, Jekyll (Paul Massie) was portrayed as a rather bland and faceless person, while Hyde was presented as suave and handsome. Director: (Never Take Candy from a Stranger - US)PLOT - Peter Carter meets official resistance when he finds his nine year old daughter has been the victim of the pedophile patriarch of the town's most powerful family.TRAILER -, Approved Gwen Watford, That doesn't stop her from going out dancing with him however and soon falls in love with him. Charles Gray, After being reanimated, Baron Frankenstein transfers the soul of an executed young man into the body of his lover, prompting her to kill the men who wronged them. She also is convinced that he murdered her father years before, but her accusations fall on deaf ears. Terence Fisher For more than four decades, Hammer Films unique blend of horror, science fiction, thrills and comedy dominated countless drive-ins and movie theaters. The studio did not release any films from 1937 to 1946, in 1975, from 1977 to 1978, from 1980 to 2007, in 2009, in 2013 or from 2015 to 2017. Others can find nothing there and tell her she must have imagined it. Freda Jackson, The film is a sequel to Hammer's original Dracula (1958), though the vampires possess abilities denied to vampires in the previous film, much like those in the original novel. It is also the only Werewolf film ever made by Hammer.PLOT - In Spain, Leon is born on Christmas day to a mute servant girl who was raped by a beggar. Rupert Davies, Veronica Carlson, | The great Oliver Reed (Simon Ashby) leads with Janette Scott (Eleanor Ashby) from The Day of the Triffids.PLOT - Eleven years earlier, the wealthy Ashby family was shattered when Mr and Mrs Ashby died in an airplane crash and their grieving son Tony committed suicide. Paul Massie, Marla Landi, Based on the classic novel of the same name by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, It stars Peter Cushing (Sherlock Holmes), Christopher Lee (Sir Henry Baskerville) and André Morell (Doctor Watson). In 1895, British archaeologists find and open the tomb of Egyptian Princess Ananka with nefarious consequences. Left outside the village by a coachman terrified at the approach of night, they find themselves in the local castle and are surprised at the hospitality extended by the sinister Klove. Shirley Anne Field, | Director: | Upgrade to a Letterboxd Pro account to add your favorite services to this list—including any service and country pair listed on JustWatch—and to enable one-click filtering by all your favorites. Stars: Val Guest Top Sellers Newest Items Title: A-Z Title: Z-A Lowest Price Highest Price New Releases Old Releases. Dracula: Prince Of Darkness [Collector's Edition] $24.93. A man long believed dead returns to the family estate to claim his inheritance. | He returns to an unloving father, fragile mother, and doting nanny - whom he hates. | Francis Matthews, Horror, Sci-Fi. He uses a scuba snorkel connected to tubes on the outside to breathe during the ordeal. Richard Pasco, Director: Gerald Sim, 87 min Director Terence Fisher. Director: Brides of Dracula Story. Drama, Horror. Grégoire Aslan, This is the last film ever made by child actress Mandy Miller (Candy Brown) - famous for singing Nellie the Elephant.PLOT - Paul Decker murders his wife in her Italian villa by drugging her milk and asphyxiating her by gas. Horror. Stars: Janette Scott, 2,442 Stars: Horror, Thriller. Stars: Adventure, Horror. John Hough It was Hammer's most profitable original film.PLOT - A year after the events in Dracula: Prince of Darkness (1966) Monsignor Ernest Mueller visits the village to ensure that all is well. Nicholas and Rex unexpectedly visit Simon that is receiving twelve mysterious friends. Sheila Burrell, Peter Cushing, Although the authorities try to hush the matter up, it is apparent that at the full moon, Megaera, a Gorgon, leaves her castle lair and anyone looking on her face is turned to stone. On her first night however, she sees a light in the summerhouse and upon investigation, sees her father sitting there, apparently dead. Diane Clare, | Luckily for some, Dr Van Helsing is already on his way.TRAILER -, Approved | As memories return to her - Hans' memories in fact - she sets out to pursue and kill those responsible for having sent him to his death.TRAILER -, R Brook Williams, Terence Fisher Viveca Lindfors, When it comes to casting, The Witches delivers the biggest surprise in the Hammer bag. | Julian Glover, A British science fiction horror film from Hammer Film Productions - a sequel to the earlier Hammer films The Quatermass Xperiment and Quatermass 2. Stars: Hammer marked its return to features in 2010 with the release of the critically acclaimed Let Me In, an adaptation of the highly praised Swedish film låt den rätte komma in. | Adrienne Corri, What is the secret of the children and the military staff?TRAILER -, Unrated Nike Arrighi, Francis Searle Terence Fisher Thriller. Director: Young Katy, Gustav's niece, will involve herself in a devilish cult, and become an instrument of Justice in the region. Jacqueline Pearce, This film's imagery was said to influence many later films in the zombie genre. I left out nearly all the Comedy and War Movies. James Villiers, Probably better described as a suspense film, The Nanny was well received by critics. Drama, Horror, Mystery. Hammer Mummy Films; 1. Terence Fisher | | Francis Matthews, Votes: Known as "Horror of Dracula" in the US, the film stars the classic casting of Chistopher Lee (Count Dracula) and Peter Cushing (Doctor Van Helsing). This was the first film made after Hammer reached an official agreement with Universal (then Universal International) allowing them to do remakes of their classic horror filmsPLOT - In the 1890s a team of British archaeologists discover the untouched tomb of Princess Ananka but accidentally bring the mummified body of her High Priest back to life. 92 min Stars: | They are helped by children and brought to their hideout in a cave. Cara Buono, Votes: Brian Donlevy, Yvonne Monlaur, None other than Joan Fontaine… View Trailer Buy Now more details. Horror. Horror, Mystery, Sci-Fi. Dawn Addams, King falls in the sea while chasing the couple and is also helped by a boy and brought to the same place. Betty Ann Davies, Yvonne Furneaux, The lead is played by the incomparable Bette Davis (Nanny).PLOT - An English nanny is appointed a rude 10 year old Joey, who was just discharged from a disturbed children's home. He cleverly locks the bedroom from the inside and hides inside a trapdoor in the floor until after the body is discovered by servants. She arrives only to learn that her father is away though, her stepmother - who she is meeting for the first time - proves to be quite welcoming. Richard Jenkins, Sidney James, Meanwhile a police officer is investigating the murder cases, believing that it is a satanic cult.TRAILER -, Approved As this was distributed by Universal, Hammer had free rein to copy elements from the franchise, most noticeably the creature's make-up and the laboratory sets.PLOT - Penniless, Baron Frankenstein, accompanied by his eager assistant Hans, arrives at his family castle near the town of Karlstaad, vowing to continue his experiments in the creation of life. When this fate befalls a visitor, experts from the University of Leipzig arrive to try and get to the bottom of it all.TRAILER -, Unrated Not in the Database: Chase Me, Charlie! Hans had been quite friendly with the dead man's daughter Christina who returns just in time to see him guillotined. Hammer Film List. | | | Patrick Allen, On the next morning, Chuck pays a visit to Blueck in his pet shop to thank the support and is invited to work for him feeding his animals in his private zoo while he is traveling. | 85 min A name synonymous with lush, Gothic horror with a very British tint. | | The greedy and vengeful Zoltan secretly sends the monster into town to steal gold and 'punish' the burgomaster and the chief of police, which acts lead to a violent confrontation between the baron and the townspeople.TRAILER -, 80 min Freddie Francis A wheelchair-bound young woman returns to her father's estate after ten years, and although she's told he's away, she keeps seeing his dead body on the estate. In the early twentieth century, a Gorgon takes human form and terrorizes a small European village by turning its citizens to stone. When two titles are shown for a single film, the first title is that as released in the UK, the second in the US. $0.80M, This was the third entry in Hammer's Dracula series, and the second to feature Christopher Lee as the titular vampire. | Stars: Published 2014-04-02T13:52:06Z Updated 2014-09-24T16:27:29Z. 90 min © Letterboxd Limited. Stars: Director: Stars: Oliver Reed, Hammer is synonymous with horror, after defining the genre in Britain with classics such as Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein and The Mummy, which spawned numerous sequels. James Donald, This list includes every feature film that Hammer Film Productions has made since 1935. Drama, Fantasy, Horror. Catherine Feller, Based on the novel The Werewolf of Paris by Guy Endore, the leading role of the werewolf was Oliver Reed's first credited film appearance. 90 min | Gross: Veronica Carlson, Simon is just weeks away from receiving his inheritance, but there is a hitch in his plans when the long believed dead Tony Ashby suddenly returns.TRAILER -, Unrated | A bullied young boy befriends a young female vampire who lives in secrecy with her guardian. Two actors play Dracula in this movie, but Lee isn't one of them; John Forbes-Robertson doesn't come close to filling Lee's shoes and neither does Shen Chan, whose character is actually possessed by Dracula. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. The other two are The Ugly Duckling (1959) and The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll (1960).PLOT - In Victorian London, Dr. Henry Jekyll attempts to create an elixir of life using female hormones stolen from fresh corpses. Horror. Stars: All that remains of the family is cruel Simon, an alcoholic in desperate need of funds, his mentally fragile sister Eleanor and his protective aunt Harriet. | | | Bette Davis, | Stars: Simon Ward, Votes: A couple of days later, Chuck sees a safe in the store, and decide to open it, being trapped in a weird situation and disclosing the truth about the sadistic Blueck.TRAILER -, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Director: Antony Carrick, *BONUS* - This made-for-TV short film features Peter Cushing (Martin Blueck) back in a maniacal lead role. 87 min Christopher Lee, Wendy Craig, Director: | Stars: He'd spent two years undergoing treatment for drowning his little sister in the bath. Sooner Nicholas, who is proficient in black magic, learns that the guests are member of a satanic cult and Simon and his friend Tanith Carlisle will be baptized by the powerful leader Mocata to serve the devil. | Doesn't Include shorts, featurettes or episodes from the TV series Journey to the Unknown Not in the Letterboxd database: Chase me, Charlie (1951) The Best or Only Hammer Films Productions for Each Year 1947 - 1979, Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks of All Time, Top 30 Best Hammer Horror Films of All Time + BONUS. | $12.13M, This 2010 American-British romantic horror film is a remake of the 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In.PLOT - In Los Alamos, New Mexico, the twelve year-old Owen is a lonely and outcast boy bullied in school by Kenny and two other classmates; at home, Owen dreams of avenging himself against the trio of bullies. Included are all the Gothic/Horror Films, Sci-Fi, Adventure/Fantasy and some others. While awaiting execution for murder, Baron Victor Frankenstein tells the story of a creature he built and brought to life - only for it to behave not as he intended. Finally the Baron is confronted by an enraged monster about to throw Victor's fiancée Elizabeth, from the castle parapet.TRAILER -, R The two friends abduct Simon and Tanith expecting to save their souls but Mocata summons the Angel of Death and the Goat of Mendes to help him in a battle between the good and the forces of evil.TRAILER -, Not Rated Stars: He befriends his twelve-year-old next door neighbor, Abby, who only appears during the night in the playground of their building. It turns out the owner, Count Dracula, dead for ten years, has been hoping for such a visit.TRAILER -, Not Rated $0.10M, The film is the fifth in a series of Hammer films centering on Dr. Frankenstein (Peter Cushing). Joey contends the nanny was responsible for his little sister's death, and only the upstairs neighbour girl believes him.TRAILER -, Not Rated Duncan Lamont, During its original incarnation (1935−1979), Hammer released 163 films; 50 of which fall loosely under the Horror genre (including Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Karnstein, Gothic, Psychological and straight Horror). 116 min On the next morning, Joan challenges King and meets Simon in his boat, and King and his gang hunts Simon down. **Possible Spoiler Warning**Which of these high rated Hammer Horror classics is your favourite?Discuss this List here, Not Rated Peter Cushing, Together with a young doctor, Karl and his fiancée Anna, they kidnap the mentally sick Dr. Brandt, to perform the first brain transplantation ever.TRAILER -, Not Rated Stars: Dead people are seen near an old, unused mine. Baron Frankenstein, with the aid of a young doctor and his fiancée, kidnaps the mentally sick Dr. Brandt in order to perform the first brain transplant operation. | | The only one who may be able to protect them is Dr. van Helsing, Harker's friend and fellow-student of vampires, who is determined to destroy Dracula, whatever the cost.TRAILER -, Approved Terence Fisher Madeleine Collinson, This is the third film of the Karnstein Trilogy, based on the vampire tale Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu. About this list: Cloned and updated. Horror, Mystery. However, once Dr. Jekyll drinks the serum himself, he transforms into a gorgeous but evil woman. Not in the Database: Chase Me, Charlie! Professor Quatermass, trying to gather support for his Lunar colonisation project, is intrigued by mysterious traces that have been showing up. After three years however, he is recognized by Dr. Hans Kleve but rather than expose him, the young doctor wants to join him in his research. Blu-ray $14.93 $14.93. Distraught, she commits suicide and is brought back to life by the good Doctor but with Hans' brain replacing her own. SOLD OUT. Michael Gwynn, The sequel to The Curse of Frankenstein, the studio's 1957 adaptation of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. | Hammer Films. John Longden, (Scream of Fear - US)PLOT - Penny Applebee's parents divorced when she was quite young and so, she grew up with her mother. The visual effects were considered somewhat lacking - Prudence Hyman's snake-filled wig was worked by five wires which were attached to a box that was about 25 feet behind her.PLOT - In early-twentieth-century middle-Europe, villagers are literally becoming petrified. 92 min | The rebirth of the gothic horror film, wresting … Dr. Henry Jekyll experiments with scientific means of revealing the hidden, dark side of man and releases a murderer from within himself. His lab assistant, young Hans, is found guilty of murdering the local pub owner with whom he had an argument where he foolishly swore to kill the man and Frankenstein acquires his body immediately after the execution. Like its predecessors it is based on a BBC Television serial – Quatermass and the Pit. As the movie begins, we see a coach racing wildly across the countryside … Directed by Alan Gibson (The Satanic Rites of Dracula, Dracula A.D. 1972), it deserves to be listed with the other great full length pictures Hammer have created.PLOT - When Chuck Spillers is released from prison, he tells his wife Annie that he had been visited by an old man, Martin Blueck, along his sentence for robbing a safe, and Blueck had given some money for him to help a fresh start in life. 9,642 If your Blu-ray collection is lacking when it comes to films from the legendary Hammer Studios, … Martita Hunt, | Grid View List View. 94 min Barbara Ewing, This was the fourth entry in Hammer's Dracula series, and the third to feature Christopher Lee as the titular vampire. 87 min Elaine Donnelly, Dennis Price, The professor and his daughter Sylvia travel to Thomson. The Cult Horror Collection (The Skull / The Man Who Could Cheat Death / The Deadly Bees)... (DVD) $ 5.98 on Sale. The company tackled other genres, including psychological thrillers, sci-fi, noir and historical epic. 97 min | Stars: Macdonald Carey, Shorter works and television productions are listed separately. The themes are pedophilia, the sexual abuse of children and and the way in which those with sufficient pull can corrupt and manipulate the legal system to evade responsibility for their actions. Besides Peter Cushing (Doctor Van Helsing), Miles Malleson (Doctor Tobler) is the only actor to appear in both this film and Dracula.PLOT - A young teacher on her way to a position in Transylvania helps a young man escape the shackles his mother has put on him. Blueck explains that he trains animals, conditioning then to obey some signals. Kodi Smit-McPhee, | It is the first film adaptation of the novel to be filmed in colour and one of the most critically acclaimed films in Hammer Film Productions’ history.PLOT - Returning to his family's manor house on the lonely moors after his father dies under mysterious circumstances, Sir Henry Baskerville is confronted with the mystery of the supernatural hound that supposedly takes revenge upon the Baskerville family. Suspicion arises again when his mother is poisoned, and Joey continues to insist Nanny is responsible. Freddie Francis Yvonne Romain, | Fortuitously finding the creature he was previously working on, he brings it back to a semblance of life but requires the services of a mesmerist, Zoltan, to successfully animate it. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Barbara Shelley, Terence Fisher And is her 10-year-old charge an emotionally disturbed murderer or just an insolent brat? Peter Cushing, Although the police have termed her mother's death a suicide, a teenage girl believes her step-father murdered her. Hammer Horror 101. Joan and Simon spend the night together in an isolated house and on the morning, they are located by the gang. | She deduces that her stepmother and her father's friend, Doctor Pierre Gerard, are plotting to drive her insane. The professor and his ... See full summary », Director: Betta St. John, Sheila Burrell, Expelled because of her persistent nightmares, Janet is sent home where the nightmares continue.TRAILER -, Approved 88 min This list attempts to rundown the best Hammer Horror titles. The policemen find the wounded Simon and take him to a bar to recover, where he meets the military Bernard and his mistress Freya Neilson. The real threat lies with Count Karnstein, and although the twins seem outwardly to be identical, Frieda finds herself much more drawn than her sister to the Count's castle dominating the skyline.TRAILER -, G Director: Doctor Thompson is helpless and asks professor James Forbes for help. But their methods are random and misplaced and the only result is a terrorised populace. Peter Cushing, Horror, Young workers are dying because of a mysterious epidemic in a little village in Cornwall. His mother dies giving birth and he is looked after by Don Alfredo. | Alan Gibson | I nailed it down (for personal reasons) to 91 films.

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