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History of Francis Farm

In 1890, Peleg E. Francis hitched his horse to a wagon and drove to Swansea to buy clams dug from the shores of the Cole River, located in Bristol County MA. His first clambake was such a success that groups from all over started coming out to Francis Farm for what is a Traditional New England Clambake.

We’ve been doing clambakes since, and, we’ve been hosting the gathering of the one of the oldest local families since. The look of Francis Farm may have changed a bit over the years, but the rustic charm and traditions are still here.

The Farm still serves up Peleg’s original chowder recipe- hundreds have worked or know someone who’s worked at the Farm, even more have hosted events at the Farm and, thousands and thousands have attended an event at the Farm. All with a common denominator – Great food, Great fun & fond memories created!